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From different points of view, two men look at the same landscape. However, they don't see the same thing. The different situation means that the landscape is organized in front of both in a different way. What for one occupies the first floor, and vigorously displays all its details, for the other is found in the last and is obscure and confusing. Furthermore, since things, placed one behind the other, are hidden in whole or in part, each of the two will perceive portions of the landscape that do not reach the other. Would it make sense for one to declare the other's landscape false? [...] the one landscape is as real as the other. But it would not even make sense if, once they agreed, since their landscapes do not coincide, they judged them illusory. This would presuppose the existence of a third authentic landscape, not subject to the same conditions as the first two. Well, this archetypal landscape does not exist and cannot exist. Cosmic reality is such that it can only be seen from a certain perspective. Perspective is one of the ingredients of reality. Far from being its deformation and its organization. A reality that is always identical when seen from some point is an absurd concept. - José Ortega y Gasset.

Talking about cities is difficult!

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