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Promoter of a cultural project aimed at rediscovering intimate themes of our subject, WOO decides to start from words. Words understood as themes, which allow us, through an intromissive will, to reread, reflect and reinterpret the meaning of the actions of our reality and not giving them only a circumscribed literal meaning. The first reflection we propose is on the action of declaring, making manifest an EVENT such as the event. Event understood as a random and unfriendly character, which does not tell a definitive structure but rather puts in the foreground what happens and above all what can happen in any space, at any time, even beyond forecasts. The interview we did with Bernard Tschumi, allowed us to get in touch with those who used this term by inserting it in a new triad that replaces the Vitruvian one, because it is considered outdated, thus allowing us to reflect on the time in which we live and be a witness of a change. To Franco Summa - on the back - the task of giving us a further triad - a hymn to knowledge, a fundamental character of human identity.

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